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Xs118 – Band-Pass Subwoofer

Xs118 – Band-Pass Subwoofer


Type: Passive Band-Pass Subwoofer
Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 36Hz – 200Hz
LF Extension (-10dB): 31Hz
Maximum SPL: 136dB/142dB
Power (Pgm/Peak): 1400W/2800W (10ms)

Compact band-pass sub-bass
Long excursion 18″/100mm VC speaker
Extended low end roll-off
Top hat fitting for pole mounting X12/X15

The Xs118 is a 1400W compact, powerfull subwoofer system loaded by a long excursion, European made, 18inch neodimium woofer.
This professional true sub-bass Band-pass system was engineered for high-level, extended low frequency output.

The Xs118 is also equipped with a top-mounted pole socket that, when in ground stacked applications, can be used to mount satalite speakers equipped with standard 35mm pole sockets.

Quality construction features include CNC-machined 18mm Baltic birch plywood enclosures, heavily braced and coated in wear resistant textured black paint, heavy-duty power-coated steel grilles and Neutrik NL4 connectors.

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