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SYS84SM Remote Status Monitor for SYS84

SYS84SM Remote Status Monitor for SYS84

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The SYSTEM 84 STATUS MONITOR provides a simultaneous visual indication of all inputs and outputs of a System 84 Audio Mixing Matrix. The four horizontal rows of LEDs correspond to the four System 84 outputs. The eight vertical columns of LEDs correspond to the eight audio inputs. When an input is switched to an output(s), the LED(s) in that input column light to show the output(s) being fed. A white write-on lettering area is available for indicating the audio sources and destinations (RDL LBL-1 Label Kit available separately).

The Status Monitor is built to mount in any Rack-Up series mounting adapter. For rack-mount installations near the System 84, the Status Monitor mounts in an RDL RU-RA3. The RU-RA3 permits mounting 3 Status Monitors or Rack-Up series modules in a single rack unit. For desktop installation, the RDL WDG1 Tabletop Wedge Mount Chassis is attractive and functional. Connection between the Status Monitor and the System 84 is made using a 64-pin ribbon cable. Cables for rack mounting or remote locations are available from RDL. Interconnect ribbon cables available separately.

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