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PXA8000 – PX Power Rack

PXA8000 – PX Power Rack


Type: 4-Channel PX System Power Rack
Amplifier: SMPS Class H, 4 channels Amplifier
Total Power: 8400Wrms
Controller: 24 bit/48kHz 4 channel DSP
Adj. Parameters: Parametric Eqs, HPF, LPF, Delay, Limiters, Polarity, Gain

4 Channel digital amplifier
Full function DSP
Perfectly integrated with PX cabinets

Perfectly integrated, the system Power Rack, the PXA8000, is the heart of the system. Composed by a very powerful 8400W 4-Channel power amplifier with switching power supply and a DSP based audio processor, this power rack is capable of drive a very wide range of rig configurations with absolute reliability and ample headroom.
Employing Class H technology, the 2U system power amplifier boasts a state-of-the-art switching power supply and weighs a mere 12 Kg.
With the power amp working at optimal efficiency, little power is wasted and the need for heat dissipation is reduced, all of which contributes to long-term reliability with total output power of 4 x 2100W into 4 Ω, two PXH64 Mid/High Speaker and four PXL118 Bass Speaker can be driven with extreme operational reliability, sonic quality and economy.
The DSP audio processor unit protects controls and optimizes the entire system.
All the necessary signal processing — including equalization, crossover filters, lo-cut filter, delays and limiters are pre-configured at the factory for: plug in, play, and enjoy the astonishing sound!

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