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LAs218 – Double Bass Reflex Subwoofer

LAs218 – Double Bass Reflex Subwoofer


Type: Passive High Power Reflex Subwoofer
Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 32Hz – 250Hz
LF Extension (-10dB): 28HZ
Maximum SPL: 142.8dB/148.8dB (Half-space)
Power (Pgm/Peak): 4800W/9600W (10ms)

Dual long excursion 18″ bass reflex design
High maximum pressure
Extended response
Large ports area for reduced distortion
Compatible with all LA Line Array series

Where very low-frequency extension is required, the Next LAs218 v2 is the precisely matched sub-woofer for the LA12 family. This front loaded double 18″ sub-woofer delivers magnificent precision and punch in the extreme low frequency bands. The LAs218 v2 employs two 18″ high power, long excursion, loudspeaker which incorporates a 100 mm (4″) inside/outside voice coil design. This design offers significant advantages such as twice the dissipation surface and superior mechanical resistance which favour greater power handling and long term reliability. The rugged 18 mm birch plywood cabinet employs extensive internal bracing eliminating sound coloration due to panel resonance.

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