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HFA115 – Active 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

HFA115 – Active 2-Way Full-Range Speaker


LF Power: 1100Wrms
HF Power: 550Wrms

Active high power 2-Way loudspeaker
15″ LF speaker and 1.4″ HF compression driver
Rotatable, Tailored Dispersion Technology
High efficiency 2200Wprg Class-D power amplifier
Networkable DSP with control software

The HFA speaker series are fully powered PA systems (the HFA206 also have a passive version), designed to deliver high output and dynamics, extreme linearity and fidelity for unrivalled performance at a very competitive price.
Entirely manufactured in Portugal, the HFA speaker series uses superb quality custom made components, loading by birch plywood enclosures, coated by a scratch resistant textured paint to assure an outstanding performance and durability.
The integration with high efficiency DPAmplifier modules, with up to 1650 Wrms, and the advanced digital processing, set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency. A surprisingly simple handling concept lets you plug in and play straightaway: Configure the system by selecting the right Preset and let the system do the rest. Of course, as in the other series, the Presets can be edited and stored in 2 USER memories.
To extend the low frequency response, the HFA full-range speakers can perfectly match with the HFA subwoofers, available in three models, 12”, 15” and 18”.

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