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FP-UBC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Converter – 2 Channel

FP-UBC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Converter – 2 Channel

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The FP-UBC2 is the ideal choice for connectorized conversion from unbalanced to balanced audio. This module features two identical channels. Gold-plated phono jacks are utilized for each unbalanced input channel. Each output is balanced, connected through an XLR jack. A gain trim potentiometer is provided for each channel.

The normal gain setting is indicated for the trimming potentiometer. This setting produces a +4 dBu balanced output for a −10 dBV unbalanced input. The gain is adjustable −5 dB to +10 dB from the normal gain. Therefore, a +4 dBu output signal is possible from input signals ranging from −20 dBV to −5 dBV.

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