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FP-BUC2 Balanced to Unbalanced Converter – 2 channel

FP-BUC2 Balanced to Unbalanced Converter – 2 channel

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The FP-BUC2 is the ideal choice for connectorized conversion from balanced to unbalanced audio. This module features two identical active (transformerless) channels. Gold contact XLR jacks are utilized for the balanced input channels. Each output is unbalanced, connected through a gold-plated phono jack. A level trim potentiometer is provided for each channel.

The FP-BUC2 circuitry features low-noise, low-distortion and excellent headroom and crosstalk performance and the superior audio clarity for which RDL products are known. The FP-BUC2’s low profile and compact size permit mounting in confined spaces and in various locations in equipment racks.

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