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D-AVM4 Audio and Video Monitor Jack Panels

D-AVM4 Audio and Video Monitor Jack Panels

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The D/S-AVM4 is the ideal choice in installations requiring a wall-mounted audio and video monitor input or output plate for computers, monitors and projectors. The panel is typically installed as an audio/video input plate, but may equally be used as an output jack panel.

The front panel features a pass-through video monitor connector. Video connections are made on the front and rear panel using a standard DB15 video connector.

The front panel features two gold plated phono jacks and a single stereo mini-jack, intended for stereo consumer line level audio sources. An input signal may be connected to either the phono jacks or to the mini-jack. The left and right signal inputs are fed to a rear-panel detachable terminal block. The audio signals are unbalanced and are intended for short wiring runs where balanced lines are not required.

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