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CXL151 – Bass Reflex LF Speaker

CXL151 – Bass Reflex LF Speaker


Type: Bass Reflex Speaker
Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 48Hz – 1000Hz
LF Extension (-10dB): 39Hz
Maximum SPL: 134dB/140dB (Half-space)
Power (Pgm/Peak): 1000W/2000W

High SPL with good End
Stunning impulse response accuracy
Dynamic bass even under high SPL loads
Long excursion 15″/3″ VC speaker
2 cabinets configurations for optimal coupling

The CXL151 is a high power mid-bass device developed to complement NEXT CXH64 (mid-high) enclosures within flown or ground stacked vertical full-range arrays.

This unit uses a single direct radiating 15” high excursion low frequency neodymium transducer that offers high power handling and low power compression for high continuous SPL capability. It shares the same modular enclosure format as the CXH64 module, allowing the systems designer to create tightly packed arrays or clusters including the use of multiple bass devices for impressive bass impact and improved vertical pattern control at low frequencies.

The addition of two or more CXL151 devices to the array will extend the vertical pattern down to the 250Hz range and lower by taking advantage of the basic acoustical principles of spaced sources. The result is outstanding directional control across the entire frequency spectrum along with exceptionally high output levels and reference quality reproduction.

Although subwoofer units are available, the CXL151, when used in pairs, avoid the need for large format ground-stacked subwoofer enclosures in many instances.

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